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Saint Michael's ARMY, Inc.

Serving those who serve us.

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Saint Michael's Army, Inc is committed to serving those who serve us. Together we will advocate, support, and financially assist as many Law Enforcement families as possible, in regards to all aspects of their demanding schedules. We will create realistic avenues that alleviate the everyday stressors for the average Blue Line family, working towards the betterment of both the mental and financial health of our police officers. We will work to support our officers and remove the grey areas on behalf of the THIN BLUE LINE.


We call the community of Law Enforcement supporters the BLUE LINE "Army", because we stand up to take care of our Officers and their families. Funds are raised through multiple events each year, and we take care of any and all needs we are able to, in order to help struggling police families with the personal issues they may be facing alone. These can range from small or minor issues to large very serious financial needs. We also assist with providing free counseling services through safe and unknown therapists to better help the mental health of our heroes and their families. Police officers or their loved ones are able to fill out a form requesting whatever they are needing, and our board collects, reviews, and helps with what we are able to. If you are an officer or family member of one who needs assistance, please click the "I need help" tab to complete a request and someone will reach out as soon as possible. If you are a civilian who would like to make a monetary contribution towards our mission you may use the link at the bottom to complete a one time transaction, or you may "enlist" and make regular monthly contributions with one of our plans. 

We are grateful to those who serve and to those who protect our wonderful POLICE. God bless, and be safe. 

we need you,

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